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•   Jeff (Bone) Cifonie  13/5
•   Lloyd (Pappy) Rowland  5/5
•   Vinny (Vin Man) Gallagher  4/5
•   Michael (Mex) Mechsner  3/5
•   Brian (MacD) MacDougald  2/5
•   Brad (Rubble) Norton  2/5
•   Adam Smith  1/5
•   Vince Snyder  27/4
•   Tony (Btr) Reardon  26/4
•   Tom (T2) Tenpenny  25/4
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38 TRS personnel who deployed to the 'Lik for DESERT STORM.  Ken Rizer and Brian MacDougald are planning our 30th year reunion.  Looking to have the event (probably) in Dallas the first weekend in February of 2021.  Stand-by for more details.

In the meantime, you can populate your profile by clicking on the SQUADRON MATES PROFILE tab at the top of the left column and update your info.  It should send us an email to begin the verification process, then you'll be allowed to enter the site and recce your way around.

If you have contact info for folks currently listed on this site--but not yet claiming their profile--reach out to them and get them in-processed.  You can reach MacD by using the Guard Radio tab on the left (Guard inop)  

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


ALCON:  The website allows participants to add content (pics/videos) under the NOTAMS tab.  I encourage all to submit.  In addition, as we move forward over the next year and a half, please update your profiles with then-and-now photos and any memories/stories of your time at the 'Lik.

MacD is standing by to assist as needed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pirate Radio Broadcast (right click and open in new tab):


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3-hour Proven Force/Desert Storm video (right click and open in new tab):

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From the Mechsners regarding a different recce reunion (Sept 2020) in Seattle

Greetings Phellow Phantom Phlyers

I would like to pass along a few bits of information.  First, the new 38th TRS Roster is included with this newsletter.  Unfortunately, on our last email newsletter, we had 16 "bounces" which means the email was returned.  Thus I had to delete 16 email addresses from the roster which are now in yellow. If you see information on the roster that is incorrect or missing and you happen to know the correct info, please pass it along to me so I can update the file.

Secondly, Barney Bear, the 2020 Reunion host, is trying to connect with those that do not have an email address so that they can also be included in our newsletters. So he will be sending out a snail mail update this week.  

On the third point - our contract with Constant Contact to maintain the 2020 Reunion Survey will come to a close in 2 weeks.  I am including the link to the SURVEY for those of you that did not have the opportunity to complete the Survey in March. On May 13th, the Survey program will close.

And finally, Lino and Andrea De Michieli have done their homework pertaining to the Alaska Cruise and have forwarded the following. Keep in mind that the Cruise is separate from the Reunion.  Andrea and Lino are providing the information so you may take advantage of being in the Northwest if you should so choose.    

Cruise Information

The cruise will depart Seattle on Friday,  Sept. 11 for seven nights.  

You will travel through the Inside Passage, dock at Ketchikan, visit the Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier, Dock at Juneau and Skagway, Victoria, BC and then dock/off load in Vancouver, B.C. on the morning of the 18th.  Also, passengers will need a valid pass port PLUS it has to have 6 months validity remaining in order for the Canadian/US customs service.

There are five classes of 2-person state rooms available:

Inside                category 10       $1525 per person

Ocean View      category 07       $1615 per person

Veranda            category 2B      $1735 per person

Concierge         category C3      $1870 per person

Aqua                 category A2       $1920 per person

These numbers are budgetary since the group will get a discount if we have eight or more couples. Then there will be an additional charge for bus transportation from Vancouver, BC to Seattle on the 18th. That cost is yet to be determined because the cost is dependent on the number of traveling guests. There are 34 shuttles per day for $34 to $40 per person. However, that is from the Vancouver bus terminal to the Seattle bus terminal. Thus the reason to charter a bus if possible (if enough folks go) to pick us up at the Dock in Vancouver and bring us to the hotel in Seattle. More on this later.

Again, the 38th contact is Lino & Andrea De Michieli. Check the roster for their contact info. And you can get additional information from:

    Anne Cia, the Celebrity Cruise representative

 888-727-4907, ext 13601

 The 38th group ID is 2336626

You can also visit Celebrity Cruise Lines, Alaska Cruise for more information.

As a post note, Linda and I went on the 2012 cruise and it was fantastic. Good group of folks, good food, good weather and beautiful country. Can recommend it to everyone. We are going to do it again.

Hope all is well with you and yours - - -

Jerry Musselman


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *